Healing Properties of Velvet Antler 

Healing Properties of Velvet Antler 

For the first time, the medicinal properties of the extract from young maral antlers were mentioned in manuscripts by the healers of ancient Rome and in ancient Chinese writings. 

During excavation of the tombs of the rulers of Luhun in China, archaeologists discovered a scroll with a healing recipe made from antlers of maral. The document, which is at least 2,500 years old, described the remedy as the pinnacle of the healing arts of that time. 

Modern medicine is now rediscovering this amazing natural substance.

What are antlers?

Maral antlers are young horns that have not yet been ossified. They consist of cartilaginous tissue, boast a high protein content, and contain a soft, hair-like covering known as velvet comprised of blood vessels and nerves. As a result of hormonal and environmental changes, the antler gradually ossifies – the growing, spongy bone is converted into harder lamellar bone – before the velvet falls away altogether. Antlers are usually only present for a few months before being shed and, apart from reindeer, only occur in males. The antlers' growth cycle repeats every year. 

Can you imagine what it takes to shed and regrow horns up to 25 kg every year? In the world of mammals, it  is a unique phenomenon, which requires incredible resources from the body and optimal vital functions at the cellular level.  

Health Benefits of Velvet Antler

As a result of their biological role and origin, Velvet Antler contains all the elements needed for incredibly intense tissue regeneration. There are more than 40 types of microelements alone.  The substance is extremely rich in special signaling proteins and active molecular adaptogens. In addition, antlers of an adult animal contain a high concentration of molecular growth factors and embryonic stem cells. Stem cell proteins provide stimulation of hematopoiesis and angiogenesis - the intensive growth of young vessels. 

Not surprisingly, when taken as a supplement, Velvet Antler provides a strong restorative effect on the entire human body. 

In oriental medicine, it is used for erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, infectious diseases, nervous system imbalances, loss of stamina, insomnia, hair loss, severe wounds, as well as cardio-vascualr issues. Velvet Antler can

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve blood composition, 
  • Increase mental and physical performance
  • Have a positive effect on sexual function in both men and women. 
  • Act as an excellent natural antidepressant, non-addictive and possessing the properties of a strong adaptogen - a biological substance that helps the body adapt under stress or after exhausting monotonous physical work.

Sports medicine uses the extract to increase endurance in athletes, support the anabolic phase / period of muscle mass growth, and facilitate recovery.


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